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2022 CSP projects new builts in China

Previous Speakers & Panelists

Zhifeng WANG

Founder and Chairman

China National Solar Thermal Energy Alliance

Jianxiang Jin


Cosin Solar Technology



Royal Tech CSP Limited

Yulei Fan

Strategy Director

Lanzhou Dacheng

Fernando Gonzalez


Cerro Dominador

Cristián Sepúlveda Farfán

Executive Manager


Mr. Dragon HAO

Technical Marketing Manager


Yingjie GAO

Chief scientist

Anhui Grandis Intellitech

Hong XU

Director of Thermal Engineering Dept., CSP Research Centre


Zhiheng LU

General Manager

Shuangliang Royal Tech CSP Technology Co., Ltd.

David Trebolle Trebolle

Secretary General


Xavier Lara


Aelius Energy

Wes Stein

Chief Scientist

Australian Solar Thermal Research Institute

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"CSP Focus conference was very well attended and you have done a great job assembling key note speakers and panelists. Thanks for including us in the conference. It was a real pleasure to participate."

"I've been speaking, chairing at CSP Focus China conferences since 2012, which were really amazing experiences, hope CSP Focus will generate more excellent events in the future."

"Glad to meet so many industry players especially developers from India, Africa and Middle east, and thanks for CSP Focus team's assistance."

"We would like to seek for Chinese partners and component providers, and happy to get more contacts during the event, and congratulations for the excellent organization to CSP Focus team.”

“It’s my third time to present CSP Focus China conferences. This platform provides excellent platform for deep communication among policy makers, developers and technology providers etc.”

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