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Dear CSP Peers,

In 2019, China CSP industry still keeps moving ahead.

It is undeniable that China CSP is facing some serious challenges. The biggest problem falls on unclear policy support and suspended project deployment plan, which significantly affect industry players’ confidence. Secondly, other renewable energies’ development, to some extent, has impacted CSP’s growth. CSP is unable to compete against PV and wind over cost, which LCoE have been decreased rapidly in recent years.

However, the industry refused to stagnate. CGN Solar’s Delingha 50MW PT project, Zhejiang Supcon Solar’s Delingha 50MW MS Tower project and Beijing Shouhang’s Dunhuang 100MW MS Tower project have been put into operation during 2018, followed by Power China’s Gonghe 50MW MS Tower project and Luneng Haixi Golmud 50MW MS Tower project connected to power grid in later 2019. Within 2 years, the 5 plants make China’s installed CSP capacity increased by 300MW, Furthermore, after 1 year operation and maintenance, practical experience learnt from the 3 early operational plants will contribute to future projects implementation.

Meanwhile, REs development shows unstoppable trend. Large scale PV and wind power are not only challenge but also opportunity for CSP. As typical flexible power source, CSP, or other energy storage technology, may bear responsibility of lowering PV/wind curtailment, enhancing REs proportion in power transmission.

Pleasingly, Morocco, UAE, Egypt, Chile and other emerging market are showing strong interests in clean energy transition by means of CSP technology. In the meantime, under the Belt and Road Initiative, more Chinese firms are seeking for close cooperation with global industry players to jointly promote development of the industry, reinforcing multilateral collaboration both in economy and energy field.


Therefore, at the time when challenges and opportunities coexist, hereby we sincerely welcome you to join 10th anniversary CSP Focus China 2020 event (Beijing, China), gathering with global CSP experts and representatives to provide counsel for China and global CSP development.


Best Regards,

Organizing Committee of CSP Focus China 2020

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