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Till the end of year 2018, the pioneers of China 1st batch demonstration projects will sprint for the goal, while the other project developers still keep moving forward steadily with firm determination. These solid steps definitely indicate that China CSP is finally entering the free lane after long-term exploration. Then, the safe and stable path to guarantee CSP’s furture development can be attributed to the key issue of scientific research- Technology Innovation!

It is not hard to aware that some “Initiative Elements” have been applied in China 1st batch of demo projects, such as the Molten Salt Parabolic Trough technology, Beam-down Reflection technology, Silicon Oil as heat transfer fluid, etc. These initiative technologies are expected to reach commercial utilization stage along with the projects. If we excavate these impressive initiatives, it can be seen that it is components suppliers and technology providers who  are committed to the efficiency improvement of whole power plant. From the solar field, heat transfer and thermal storage system, to the power block, many efforts such as continuous upgrading of components and optimization of integrated system have contributed to the power production increase and cost reduction. On the other hand, as the global insight tells, various innovative technologies——higher temperature heat receiver, novel solar collector system with higher reflectivity, thermodynamic cycle system with higher efficiency, etc.—— demonstrate future CSP development trend. Besides, the mature project management experience, standardized commissioning and O&M procedure are the indispensable pillar in CSP plants.

Striding over 2018, the 1st batch demo projects will keep stepping forward, and the 2nd batch is under well preparation, the industry will enter to a new situation. At this critical moment, CSP Focus Innovation 2018 (Oct.25-26, Xi’an, China) looks back upon the origin, summarizes and concludes technology breakthroughs and innovation trend of future CSP from abroad and home, help you focus on the combination of practical projects and engineering innovation, commercialization cases and prospective of new technology & equipment. Hereby, we sincerely invite you to join the technical experience sharing event, study together with the CSP peers from the whole industry, and work for a brighter CSP future.


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Organizing Committee of CSP Focus Innovation 2018

Agenda Overview


Day One

October 25, Thursday See More


CSP Engineering Experience & Innovation-Driven Development


CSP Plant Commissioning and O&M Experience Sharing and Cutting-edge Technology


Day Two

October 26, Friday See More

Stream A: System Integration, Optimization and Innovation of Solar Field in Solar Tower/Dish Parabolic Plant

Stream B: System Integration, Optimization and Innovation of Solar Field in Parabolic Trough Plant

Stream C: System Integration, Optimization and Innovation of Heat Transfer System & TES

Stream D: System Integration, Optimization and Innovation of Power Block



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