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Dear CSP Peers,

Triumphant news keeps pouring in for 2018 China CSP industry.

CGN Solar’s Delingha 50MW PT project has been proclaimed to be commercial operational on October 10, making China the 8th country who owns large-scale CSP technology.

Also, 2 solar tower projects are expected to be operational by the end of this year. One of them is Shouhang’s 100MW molten salt tower plant. The plant is under commissioning and attracting much attention from CCTV, increasing public awareness on CSP technology. The other one-located at Delingha- is Zhejiang SUPCON’s 50MW molten salt tower plant, which is also expected to connect to grid before end of this year.

Pleasingly, some domestic players have participated in international CSP deployment. Together with ACWA Power, Shanghai Electric made history by successfully won the EPC contract of 700MW DEWA IV CSP project. Besides, NWEPDI and SEPCO 3 have been fully involved in Morocco NOOR Ouarzazate series CSP projects. These activities indicate China’s growing power among global CSP business.

However, there is no doubt that we still face a number of challenges. It needs more time to see if the projects could reach expected output, and whether they can produce high quality electricity. And it is still unclear if CSP could play a part in China energy system in the future. Furthermore, few policies have been released to tackle the remaining ongoing pilot projects, and, nobody knows the exact time of declining FiT comes into effect.

Therefore, hereby we are sincerely welcoming you to join CSP Focus China 2019 event (Mar.21-22, Beijing), gathering with global CSP experts and representatives to give counsel for China CSP development.


Best Regards,

Organizing Committee of CSP Focus China 2019

Agenda Overview


Day One

Mar.21 Thursday See More

Plenary Session:
Future of CSP Development and Policy Analysis
Global CSP New Builds: Case Studies and Lessons learnt


Day Two

Mar.22 Friday See More

Stream A:
Project Commissioning and O&M
Stream B:
Support and Attitude from global Financial Institutions
Stream C:
Hybrid Power Plants and Grid Connection
Stream D:
Domestic CSP Value Chain Scenario and Global Opportunities
Panel Discussion:
How do China CSP players participate in global markets?



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