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A new wave of CSP development, and GW of CSP projects, will emerge in China and the rest of world after the staggering year of 2021. 

As was declared clearly in “Action Plan for Carbon Dioxide Peaking Before 2030”, an official statement released by the State Council of China, “…to promote CSP development actively, and establish Renewable Energy Composite Complex integrating CSP, PV and Wind…”, over 1GW of CSP projects were planned and approved in Dec 2021, and should be commissioned by 2023, which means all of these projects will and have to kick off early 2022. 


Internationally, CSP projects are progressing forward while recovering from pandemic impacts, namely Cerro Dominador in Chile, Noor Energy 1 in UAE, Redstone in South Africa, Minos in Greece, etc. It also worth highlighting that Spain is still striving for minimum 200MW bidding of CSP, as part of the RE targets till 2030. And Nambia also started the bidding of 50MW CSP project recently. 

We are sincerely welcoming you to join 12th CSP Focus China 2022 event (Time TBA, Beijing China), exploring the new era of CSP in China and the rest of world. The conference will be ON LINE too, with instant bilingual translation, given the constraints of international travel currently.


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Day One

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Police Analysis and Project Performance

CSP in Multi-Energy Complementary Complex

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Day Two

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CSP Projects under Construction and Future Biddings Worldwide

CSP in Industry Green Transition

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