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  • Royal Tech CSP

    Royal Tech CSP

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Founded in 2009, Royal Tech CSP Limited has been specialized in the R&D and industrialization of solar thermal key technologies based on broad cooperation with world famous scientific institutes like Fraunhofer ISE, DLR and CIEMAT-PSA. We have been actively participating in the compilation of multiple International (IEC), national and industrial standards. We have made various breakthroughs in terms of technology and industrialization of vacuum receivers, and managed to supply large scale CSP power plants overseas. We started early to successfully demonstrate our parabolic trough solar field capabilities, continuously verifying new components and technologies for solar thermal applications.As a developer and technology provider, 150MW capacity of parabolic trough projects that we participated were selected into the first National CSP Demonstration Program. Two projects are in process to be implemented. Royal Tech CSP Limited, the winner of SolarPACES 2017 Technology Innovation Award with Wacker Chemie AG, becomes the first Asian company to get this award in history.

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  • Solargis s.r.o.

    Solargis s.r.o.

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  • Pepperl+Fuchs


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  • TRX


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  • Lointek S.L.

    Lointek S.L.

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  • Riohuan (InnerMongolia) Solar Co.,Ltd

    Riohuan (InnerMongolia) Solar Co.,Ltd

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  • OHL


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  • Thermosol Glass Pvt. Ltd.,

    Thermosol Glass Pvt. Ltd.,

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  • SICK MAIHAK (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

    SICK MAIHAK (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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  • HP Valves bv

    HP Valves bv

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  • Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd

    Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd

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  • Jiangsu Zhenjiang New Energy Equipment Co.,LTD

    Jiangsu Zhenjiang New Energy Equipment Co.,LTD

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  • Changchun Shengbo Optical Technology Development Co., Ltd

    Changchun Shengbo Optical Technology Development Co., Ltd

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  • Lanpec Technologies Limited

    Lanpec Technologies Limited

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  • Huiyin Group

    Huiyin Group

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Solargis has 18 years of experience in solar energy assessment and photovoltaic energy modeling. Company business is in providing the satellite-based solar and weather data, online photovoltaic software applications and consultancy services. Solargis data and services are used for optimization of solar power plants in the stages of a project development, performance assessment and due diligence.

Solargis operates in-house developed online platform for fast access to historical, recent, and forecast solar and weather data for any location. Solargis has customers in 90+ countries worldwide, mainly developers, financial, EPC and O&M companies, system integrators, investors, power plant operators, asset managers, energy utilities and technical advisors. We also support governmental agencies and international organizations in developing their solar energy strategies.

Brand Solargis is protected as a trade mark in more than 20 countries. The company has ISO 9001:2016 quality management certificate. Numerous independent studies have confirmed that Solargis is the most accurate and reliable solar database.
Automation is our world. A perfect application solution is our goal.

A willingness to take entrepreneurial risks,a pioneering spirit, and a firm belief in their own inventive powers – these were the assets that Walter Pepperl and Ludwig Fuchs started out with when they opened their Mannheim radio repair shop in 1945. Their invention of the proximity switch a few years later proved their strength. It was also the starting point in a successful history defined by close customer relationships as well as innovative automation technologies and procedures.

Then as now, our focus is directed squarely on the individual requirements of each customer. Whether as a pioneer in electrical explosion protection, or as a leading innovator of highly efficient sensors – the close communication with our customers is what allowed us to become the leader in automation technology. Our main objective is combining state-of-the-art technologies and comprehensive services to optimize our customers’ processes and applications.

For more information, please visit our website:
Beijing TRX Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (TRX-Solar), a company of China Academy of Space Technology affiliated with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), is a high-tech enterprise specialized in solar thermal technology development, key technology development and technology service.

Founded on 18, June of 2000, TRX-Solar is a high tech company that carries out scientific research, production, technical service and market promotion. Derived from cutting-edge aerospace technology, TRX has developed solar receivers with complete intellectual property rights, which have been awarded the certification of DLR and PSA.TRX Solar has accumulated rich project experience of solar field integration and commercial application. TRX Solar is able to serve the worldwide CSP trough projects by large-scale deployment. In 2014, TRX Solar completed the construction of the production line of receiver tubes which has come into service and can meet the demand for 8,000 receiver tubes. In 2016, the 3rd generation of receiver tube was successfully delevoped and production line was successfully modified to flexible and intellectual one, which was honored with High-tech Technology Company and awarded the certification of ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001. Annual production capacity has reached 100,000 pcs.With the mission “Serving the society with emission reduction energy, Seeking a new energy road for the country”, TRX Solar will provide reliable, low-cost and clean energy.
Lointek is a private company firmly established in the international market of engineering, supply, manufacture and service of heavy equipment for the industry of petroleum refining, chemical, petrochemical, offshore and energy (renewable, solar, thermal power). The main equipment that we manufacture is heat exchangers, reactors, pressure vessels, boilers (watertube, firetube, WHB, HRSG), feed water heaters, condensers and in general items involving big dimensions, high grade materials and complex construction. There are 2 Lointek workshops in Spain, one of them with direct access to ship, located in Bilbao port. Lointek is included in the vendor list of the most reputed EPC contractors worldwide (Saudi Aramco, Sabic, Mitsubishi, KBR, Tecnicas Reunidas, Repsol, Toyo, Saipem, General Electric, Technip, etc.) and certificated by ASME (S, U, U2, A Stamps), National d Board (NB, R Stamps), UNE-EN-ISO 3834-2, 9001, GOST, etc.
Riohuan (InnerMongolia) Solar Co.,Ltd is a joint venture under Rioglass Solar and Tianjin Zhonghuan group, the manufacture bases in Hohhot, which introduce Rioglass Solar’s advantage mirror and receiver production lines, technology and management mode, aim to provide full series of high quality, high performance and high durability concentrating mirrors and HCE receivers product to Chinese local CSP customers.

Rioglass Solar is the largest supplier of CSP HCE receivers and concentrating mirrors in the world, it has installed over 10million CPV and CSP mirrors and over 1.6million HCE receivers worldwide. Rioglass solar offers the best economic solutions based on innovative high quality products.
Tailor-made Valves “Made in Germany”

OHL Gutermuth makes special valves for the world’s largest projects.
Valve manufacturer OHL Gutermuth offers a broad range of
butterfly and linear valves with nominal diameters up to DN 4000, with pressure ratings of 200 bar and more, for temperatures from
-196°C to 1300°C. In the past 40 years we have supplied customized valves for more than 150 gas purification plants, among them the largest in the world, in Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, India, China, the Middle East and America! Recent projects include 220-tons of valves for desulphurization plants in the Middle East, valves for the world’s largest thermosolar power plants, Methanol and coal gasification plants. OHL Gutermuth supplied special valves for the German and French navies, and for the longest mega-yacht worldwide.
Thermosol Glass (http://www.thermosolglass.com/), owing its inception to one of India’s leading glass processing companies, has set up India’s first fully automated solar parabolic mirror processing plant under “Make in India” campaign at Kutch, Gujarat. The plant produces high quality mirrors to be used in Solar Thermal Power Projects across the globe. It has state of the art manufacturing facility with ISO 9001:2008 certification and equipment procured from the best manufacturers globally. The product is internationally certified for its quality. The production capacity is in the range of 1.11 million m2 of solar parabolic mirrors per annum.
SICK is a leading manufacturer of intelligent sensors and sensor solutions for industrial applications. With more than 9,000 employees and over 50 subsidiaries and equity investments as well as numerous agencies worldwide, we are always close to our customers. A unique range of products and services creates the perfect basis for controlling processes securely and efficiently, protecting individuals from accidents and preventing damage to the environment.

We have extensive experience in various industries and understand their processes and requirements. With intelligent sensors, we can deliver exactly what our customers need. In application centers in Europe, Asia and North America, system solutions are tested and optimized in accordance with customer specifications.

All this makes us a reliable supplier and development partner. Comprehensive services round out our offering: SICK Life-Time Services provide support throughout the machine life cycle and ensure safety and productivity.

For us, that is “Sensor Intelligence.”
As pioneer in power and steam HP Valves strives to exceed our customer’s expectation.

The history of HP Valves goes back as far as 1879, when Dikkers (Hengelo) in The Netherlands began manufacturing a wide range of industrial valves used in the era of steam-powered industrialization. In the century that followed, Dikkers built up a strong reputation for product quality and technical know-how.

HP Valves (Hengelo) was founded as an innovative spin-off in 1981, combining the quality and know-how of Dikkers with modern, flexible production. Right from the start, HP Valves focused on the design and production of high pressure forged steel valves.

With over 1500 projects already completed, HP Valves is a worldwide market leader for valves and solutions in power and steam applications.
Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.(BCMC), a subsidiary of China National Chemical Corporation (ChemChina) is the leading supplier in CSP industry. BCMC was early nominated as the National High-Tech Enterprise, as well as Zhongguancun 100 Innovative Pilot Enterprises, Beijing Patent Model Company, Beijing Enterprise Technology Center, Beijing Chlor-alkali Equipment Engineering Technology Researching Center, Beijing Innovation Design Center, and China Chemical Industry Technology Innovation Model Enterprise. In last-past years, BCMC successfully applied its heat storage/exchange technology with over 50 years’ experience in chemical industry to the developing CSP industry. It won orders of heat (molten-salt/oil) storage/exchange equipment or turn-key service, including: Supcon Delingha 10MW/50MW CSP Molten Salt Storge Tank Project, CPECC Hami 50MW CSP Molten Salt Storage Tank Project, Yumen Xineng 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project’s heat absorber and molten salt buffer tank, ENESOON Suqian Molten Salt Tower CSP Test Device Project’s heat absorber, Zhejiang University Molten Salt Storage And Heat Transfer Pilot Plant, etc.
JZNEE established in 2004 with 200,000 ㎡ cover Area. We have more than 1400 employees at present. We have two company titles JZNEE and AVIM. JZNEE is a manufacturing and processing enterprise, while AVIM is an import and export trading company, meanwhile AVIM is the subsidiary of JZNEE.
Our company is engaged in four main fields: Energy, Industry, Marine, and transportation. For energy, our main products include wind power machinery, and photovoltaic equipment. For industry, we set foot in port machinery, construction machinery and metallurgical machinery. For Marine,we have subsea products and Deck machinery. For transportation, there are mainly logistics vehicles, construction vehicles and airport equipment. Besides, we have an excellent logistic team who can provide packing and transportation solutions as per customers’ requirement.
Our business partners are industry leaders, such as SGRE, Shanghai Electric, Senvion, Avic, TBEA,
Sungrow,Kongsberg and so on.
ChangChun ShengBo Optical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, founded by the research team formerly working at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.The company is committed to the research and develops high-tech products. The technologies and products including: solar simulator, magnetic encoders, infrared temperature measuring equipment, laser cleaning equipment,solar tracker,automatic meteorological data acquisition and observation system, spot energy flow measuring device, curved mirror profile measuring device, etc.

The company has a number of high-level technical team with doctoral and master's degrees, and has close technical cooperation with many institutions.
The company seeks development with technological innovation, based on the quality of integrity, guided by the spirit of excellence, and strives to achieve win-win cooperation with customer satisfactions.

The company is located in North Lake Science and Technology Park, ChangChun City, adjacent to North Lake Wetland Park and North Lake Express. The environment is beautiful and the transportation is convenient.
Lanpec Technologies Limited was founded in May 1960. On June 22, 2011, LANPEC got listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange successfully (Stock Code: 601798).
LANPEC’s mainly engaged in the petroleum drilling machinery; the refining and petrochemical engineering equipment; the offshore and desert petroleum equipment and engineering; the project of petroleum refining and chemical engineering, natural gases treatment and liquid recovery; the research, development, design and manufacture of light industry and food machinery; the performance test and assessment on the petroleum drilling machinery and the refining chemical equipment; the related computer software introduction, development and technology consultation for purpose of the petroleum and petrochemical engineering and the attached equipment; and the relevant engineering design and general contracting, construction, manufacture supervision, construction surveying, etc.
The national oil drilling refining and chemical equipment quality supervision and testing Center, China Petrochemical Corporation Lanzhou equipment failure analysis and prevention research center, oil drilling equipment machinery industry quality supervision and inspection center, heat exchanger products Machinery Industry quality supervision and testing Center, Provincial heat transfer and engineering technology research center all located inside Lanpec Technologies Limited.
LANPEC owns manufacture bases in Lanzhou (12000㎡) & Shanghai (440000㎡) respectively.
Huiyin Group is a professional company focused on the development and production of HCE receivers, as well as mid to high temperature application. The Ven family, founder of the company, has been active in Concentrating Solar Power for over 40 years.

Huiyin has produced over 300 MWe of receivers for commercial power plants around the world, including molten salt project as the only supplier that has molten salt receiver technology.

Huiyin has strong government partners including the Chinese Ministry of Finance, The China Development Bank, The State Development and Investment Corporation and the Belgium Ministry of Public Enterprises.

Huiyin bankable superior receivers with outperforming technology are more durable and offer an extended life time and are the first serviceable receivers in the market.

Huiyin excellence in production, proven high volume capability and ability to develop new products for its clients make it today the preferred CSP receiver supplier of the industry.

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  • Hyspan Precision Products, Inc.

    Hyspan Precision Products, Inc.

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Hyspan was founded in 1968 with comprehensive engineering, quality, and production capability to design, develop, and fabricate metal bellows and hose; and assemblies and products that incorporate these components. With sound management, we have developed proprietary products and have acquired related products and companies forming an organization of six subsidiaries and divisions. These organizations produce a complete line of flexible metal piping motion products that meet the needs of diverse industries ranging from scientific research to oil refining.

As a global supplier, Hyspan is uniquely positioned as the only company providing all four piping motion technologies: Bellows Joints, Ball Joints, Slip Joints, and Braided Metal Hose assemblies. This full spectrum capability, with our extensive product range and market support, allows transference of technologies via our benchmark products. The product mix, with conservative engineering and a holistic piping motion solution approach, has earned us a conservative, reliable, and dependable reputation.

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  • sbp sonne GmbH

    sbp sonne GmbH

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schlaich bergermann partner are independent consulting engineers.
Since 1980, the year of our foundation, the design and construction of ambitious buildings has been in the focus of our work. Our projects range from wide-span light-weight roofs, a diversity of bridges, slender towers, innovative building constructions to pioneering solar power plants.
We are keen to establish a collaborative partnership with clients, architects and other consultants to create outstanding buildings in a cooperative interaction.
Jörg Schlaich and Rudolf Bergermann founded schlaich bergermann partner, and passed it on to Knut Göppert, Andreas Keil, Sven Plieninger and Mike Schlaich in 2002. Together with Michael Stein, who has been partner in New York since 2011, and Knut Stockhusen, our partner in Stuttgart since 2015, they manage
our office.
Other managing directors and an extended management board assist the partners in managing the offices in Stuttgart, Berlin, New
York, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Paris.
The qualification and sound performance of our engineering firm is based on experienced and reliable staff members. Our team, which is regularly joined by young professionals, has been collaborating with great success for many years. At present, 145 colleagues form our team of experts and all-rounders.

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Access both China & Global key CSP delegates in one place!
Do business with customers, partners and vendors from the whole chain!


• Educate the market about your products, services, key personnel and track record

• Enjoy a complete captive audience by holding a full 30 minute presentation

• Join a key panel debate or distribute literature directly towards your client

Solution1: Keynote address/Chairman opportunities/Moderator/Panelist…


• Benefit from having all your potential clients in one place at one time

• Send your best sales people to ensure you have the man power to meet everyone

• Use CONTACT and SPEED NETWORKING to make 1-1 contact before, during and after the event

Solution2: Exhibition/Delegate bag/Lanyard/Leaflet/Souvenir


• No one can afford to sit back and let the business come to them

• Don’t sit in the audience and listen to your competitors say how great they are – be at the forefront!

• Ensure your business is at the forefront of your prospects’ minds

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• Use our extensive global marketing campaign to position your logo and profile in front of CSP industry players from all over the world - even those that don’t attend the event!

Solution4: Gala dinner sponsor

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Gold (Exclusive) 8+2(Booth Staff) Day 1 Morning √(VIP) 2 Pages
Silver  6+2(Booth Staff) Day 1 √(VIP) 2 Pages
Bronze  4+2(Booth Staff) Day 2 √(VIP) 1 Page
Gala Dinner (Exclusive) 4+2(Booth Staff) Dinner Address √(VIP) 1 Page
Networking (Exclusive) 3 × × 1 Page
Exhibition (Limited) 3 × 1 Page
Registration (Exclusive) 2 × × 1 Page
Delegate Bag (Exclusive) 2 × × 1 Page
Lanyard (Exclusive) 2 × × 1 Page
Name Badge (Exclusive) 2 × × 1 Page
Souvenir 1 × × ×

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