Speakers & Panelists

  • Miguel Mendez

    Miguel Mendez

    Head of Solar Technology Department


  • Oliver Baudson

    Oliver Baudson

    Managing Director

    TSK Flagsol

  • Xavier Lara

    Xavier Lara

    Independent Senior Advisor

    Empresarios Agrupados

  • Feng GAO

    Feng GAO

    General Manager

    Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Huaiwu PENG

    Huaiwu PENG

    Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of the Solar Thermal Power Department

    Northwest Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • Du Fengli

    Du Fengli

    Secretary General

    China National Solar Thermal Alliance (CNSTA)

  • Haobin Zhang

    Haobin Zhang

    Vice President

    Zhejiang SUPCON Solar

  • Angel Cantarero

    Angel Cantarero

    Global Industry/Account Manager, CSP


  • Hemei QIU

    Hemei QIU

    General Manager

    Huafeng Energy

  • Ziva Shavit

    Ziva Shavit

    Project Engineering Manager

    BrightSource Energy

  • Guillermo González

    Guillermo González

    International Sales Manager


  • Maria del Carmen de Castro Ovejero

    Maria del Carmen de Castro Ovejero

    Senior Investment Operations Specialist

    Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

  • Alberto Alba Rodríguez

    Alberto Alba Rodríguez

    Head of Business Development Asia Region


  • Xiao QIN

    Xiao QIN

    Deputy Director

    China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute

  • Markus Fluck

    Markus Fluck

    Product Leader Industrial Steam Turbines

    General Electric

  • Xiaoyu YAN

    Xiaoyu YAN

    Mechanical Engineer

    Inner Mongolia Electric Survey&Design Institute Co.,Ltd.

  • Weihua WANG

    Weihua WANG

    Committee of Experts

    China Development Bank

  • Kai YAN

    Kai YAN

    Project Manager of New Energy Department

    North China Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • Silvio Ventura

    Silvio Ventura

    Executive Director

    OCA Global

  • Xiong ZHAO

    Xiong ZHAO

    Vice General Manager

    CGN Solar Energy Delingha Co.,Ltd.

  • Zenghua TIAN

    Zenghua TIAN

    General Manager of New Energy Department

    North China Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • Zhiheng LU

    Zhiheng LU

    General Manager

    Shuangliang Royal Tech CSP Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Nili Minis

    Nili Minis

    R&D - SF Design & Modeling

    BrightSource Energy

  • Nick Zhang

    Nick Zhang

    Global Director of Sales&Marketing

    Royal Tech CSP

  • Jeroen van Schijndel

    Jeroen van Schijndel

    Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

    Rioglass Solar

  • Fengwu BAI

    Fengwu BAI


    Institute of Electrical Engineering-CAS

  • Shigeru Yamamura

    Shigeru Yamamura

    Senior Energy Specialist Energy Division East Asia Department

    Asian Development Bank

  • Alvaro Gonzalez

    Alvaro Gonzalez

    Supply Chain Manager

    ACWA Power

  • Michael Geyer

    Michael Geyer

    Senior Advisor


  • Jingli Shi

    Jingli Shi


    Energy Research Institute,National Development and Reform Commission of China

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